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Web Strategies That Work!

VBG offers a one-stop design studio with the knowledge and equipment to produce world-class materials for your company. At the very core of VBG’s business ideology is the need for creative expression. For our customers, this means the transfer of complex information in a graphically pleasing and effective manner. We have been creating spectacular designs since 1980.

Web Site Philosophy

There are 4 things to think about that are necessary for the creation of an effective and professional commercial web site. Once these steps are in place, the site can be an effective sales and marketing tool. If they're not followed, much of the information and potential opportunity will be lost.

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Step 1
Strategic Objectives of the Site

What is the goal of the site (information, sales percentage of business generated by site, how the customer navigates throughout the site)

- e-commerce

- Should the site have an international feel

- Business objectives - 1 year, 5 year

Step 2
Technical Issues of the Site

- Which search engines are used by current and ..prospective customers

- Which platform (Mac/PC) do clients use

- Secure vs. Unsecured Server

- Downloadable software from the site

- Web hosting issues (UNIX/NT or Mac)

Step 3
Graphic/Design Elements of the Site

- Create overall feel of site

- Ease of navigation

- Load time

- Design to work with most common browsers

- Intended for people with slower modems

Step 4
Statistical Analysis of the Site

- Measure impact of site

- Amount of bandwidth used

- Monitor usage/countries/people visiting site

- Determine paths of navigation

- Measure time visiters are in site