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Design Options

Basic Web Presence

Production of basic web site consists of home page plus 4 additional pages.

Includes: Layout and production, Navigational Buttons, Maximum of 5 Graphics Per Page of provided art and photos. (Additional Pages:  $ 100.00 Per Page)

Designer Site

Design & production of enhanced web site includes home page plus 6 additional pages.

Includes: Customized Design, Layout and production, Navigational Buttons, All Hyperlinks, Maximum 10 Graphics Per Page of supplied art and photos. (Additional Pages:  $ 135.00 Per Page)

Custom Web Design

VBG will work with you to evaluate the entire concept of your web site. In our experience with Web Production, there are 4 steps necessary for the creation of a professional commercial web site.

1) Strategic Objectives of the Site.
2) Technical Issues of the Site
3) Graphic Design Elements of the Site
4) Statistical Analysis of the Site

Once these steps are in place, the site can be an effective sales and marketing tool. If they're not followed, much of the information and potential opportunity will be lost. It is important to remember that web sites should be continually evolving, and by following these 4 steps, you will be able to have a dynamic site that will constantly be meeting your objectives.

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