What is a Brand?

A brand is a design or feature that identifies a seller's product or goods by using consistent or distictive imagery. This helps people associate with your company better. Brands are very important as they help you win and keep customers. Here are a few tips to consider when building a brand through web design.

1. Color
The choice of a good color palette is very important in branding. Color isn’t just aesthetics — it stimulates various emotions and carries with it subconscious associations to various things and characteristics.

2. Character
Does your brand have character? Letting your brand show a little personality can help you define what it stands for. Is the brand all about stability and safety or is the brand fun and down to earth?

3. Emotion
Emotion is another factor to consider when building your brand. What feelings and emotions do you want people to experience when they visit your site? What sort of things do you want them to associate with your brand?

4. Consistency
To build a successful brand you need to make it memorable. By repeating elements throughout your web design will build it's character. Keep consistent colors, visuals and typography throughout to ensure a uniform image.

5. Uniqueness
Getting in all your elements will only get you so far though, because there is another very important thing to consider when building your brand: uniqueness.